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G'day, mate!


The artists of these Magnificent pieces of art are amazing, so check them out. ^^


Guardian of the Mountains by Dogviolet
Guardian of the Mountains
...Hey! Not the most dazzling title, I'll be the first to admit, but Goliaths are kinda known as nature's bodyguards.

Anyway, this is how I picture the D&D race Goliaths to look like. They are meant to have giant blood, afterall. This is Kadoak's Mum Geapoulithue, a bit younger, admittedly. I thought she deserved a picture of her very own. Besides, I found it was really fun to draw her, so....


Pictures of Kadoak:…………

Gosh, it's only when I put them all like that that I realise how many I've done of him and his mother. This is the last one, I promise!
A Childhood full of Colour by Dogviolet
A Childhood full of Colour
Yep! It's the coloured version of…. Not high art, but something, and I had fun, so....that means something, right? :)

Gotta love my crappy 2-$-store colour-in-pencils. XD

Little Seahorse is trying out his jumping skills. If only his other wing wasn't distorted and paralysed, he'd be trying out his flying skills! Poor thing.
For those of you who are interested, when he was even litter he damaged his wing permanently by rolling off the table and breaking growth plates in his back. :( He has basic feeling in it at first, but muscular entropy and a few other serious knocks it receives during his childhood ends up effectively paralysing it for life.

But it's all okay, because he's scared of heights anyway :D
Obsession almost temporarily exhausted, I promise.

Link to more babby-kins sketches of him:…
Link to the portrait of him as an adult, at least on the outside:…

Enjoy! :D
High Spirits by Dogviolet
High Spirits

(Sorry it's a day late! I had internet issues..)

...And the obsession continues! Here is another one of Seahorse (Kadoak) and his Mummy Geapoulithue. She's looking a bit frazzled, poor thing! Well, you can imagine - a four year old with large wings and a long tail as well as the usual buckets of energy and bounciness would play even more havoc on the furnishings than a normal four year old does. :)


So this is him at this age. All the time. Even at 12 am. And Geapoulithue a solo Mum, too! Ouch.


Anyways, enjoy!!! I had loads of fun drawing this. :) Pen and ink pen on paper.


Here is a link to more drawings of him as a kid....…


And here is a link to a portrait of him as an adult!…

Even Littler Seahorse by Dogviolet
Even Littler Seahorse
Well, my obsession has apparently shifted to the next character, as predicted, he is! Kadoak! (Seahorse) as a baby-kins! Innit he cute? :3

The version of him on the far upper right is an older version of him, and the other two are updated versions. (I changed the look of his tail and his pattern preference.) :)

Anyway, enjoy the cuteness!!

By the way, this is the portrait of him all grown up.....:3…
Little Seahorse by Dogviolet
Little Seahorse
This is an older digital painting now - a couple of weeks old - but I thought I'd post it anyways. :) Introducing a new character! Will be in the same comic as Kid Please, that charming half elf/orc. I originally drew this on paper and then coloured it in in PSD.

If I end up setting this comic in the Forgotten Realms universe, this guy will be the son of Errtu (yes, the demon lord) and a Goliath woman called Geapoulithue 'Hardhitter' Kuthoevithiggi. As you can probably guess from the honorific middle name, she's got a punch like an ox. He doesn't find out who his father is until he's 17, though, and the knowledge does no favours for his confidence.....there's a reason this comic will be called 'The Sins of Our Fathers.' :( Anyway, I digress.

His name is Kadoak which in Gol-Kaa (the Goliath language) means 'Seahorse.' (Well, I couldn't find a Gol-Kaa dictionary, so it does now. They lived on a mountain near the sea, okay?) Geapoulithue called him this because of his tail, and its tendency to curl'll see what I mean, I promise, I've got some other full-body drawings to upload. :)
He's also got wings (one properly working) that aren't visible here. :)

What do you guys think? Should I set it in the Forgotten Realms universe?

Also, BIG question....what can you guys tell about his personality from this painting?


New Zealand
My name is Roisin, and I’m currently doing a full time Bachelor of Digital Design (Animation, film…) and loving every second!
I’m also Dragon, Drow, Elf and general fantasy-obsessed, and am of the very strong opinion that there is not enough time in all the world to do everything I want to do…
Oh well, there’s always parallel dimensions and my epic timetravelling skills….. :D

Current Residence: Ankh-Morpork
Favourite genre of music: Music with rocks in
Favourite photographer: Too many to list.
Favourite style of art: classical/ traditional
MP3 player of choice: Philips
Wallpaper of choice: Raphael/Michelangelo
Skin of choice: human. ;)
Personal Quote: I am not, as a rule, quotable. :)
...That is, although I still have a lot of final assignments to get in, I have a fair amount of art that's built up over the past few months/weeks when I haven't been on DA. This means that I will be posting something every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from here on in.

Though I must note that coming back to DA after a while away to find the whole site layout changed....!!! It's like coming home to find someone's moved all your furniture around!!!

Anyways, I am sorry about not having been on here in a while...I have just been too busy. I couldn't find the time. :(

So, what you will be seeing from me;
1. A lot of Invicta stuff. I have drawn some more of the characters, and also started drawing the prologue. I'm around 5 pages in. :)
2. Some random stuff....pieces of art that just wanted out XD
3. A fair amount of character development and ideas for another comic that I might draw, probably called 'orcs' or 'sins of our fathers'....that's the one with the half-orc Kid Please, by the way :)

...and other stuff!!! :3

Well, I hope I haven't lost you all to boredom due to having been away for ages....please stick with me, I promise I will behave in the future. XD

My heartfelt thanks to you all for all your support so far!!! :D

-Yours truly,
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  • Reading: Terry Pratchett, Small Gods
  • Watching: How To Train Your Dragon 2
  • Playing: Borderlands :)
  • Eating: ...T.T
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