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G'day, mate!


The artists of these Magnificent pieces of art are amazing, so check them out. ^^


The Winds of Rebirth - Coloured!! by Dogviolet
The Winds of Rebirth - Coloured!!
Hey guys! Sorry it's been so long since I posted internet has been really, really bad, and I've had lots of family stuff....but, anyway, here's the coloured version of a work I posted on here a few weeks back. This assignment has been handed in, thank God!


Oh, by the way, I am currently working on the prologue for Invicta ;) and on some character ideas for a new comic I would quite like to start, about a bunch of orcs, called something like 'orc ' or 'choose your poison' or something, set in the Forgotten Realms many ideas, not enough time......T.T...but I will be focussing on Invicta.
A Queen's Wrath - Coloured! by Dogviolet
A Queen's Wrath - Coloured!
This is the same as the previous picture with this title, but the final version - that is, coloured. This was fun to do...well, aside from the fish. I hate fish. But somehow....these weren't actually so bad. Go figure.

Anyway, enjoy!!
A Queen's Wrath by Dogviolet
A Queen's Wrath
This is the second final composition for an assignment of mine. This is the Greenlandic Inuit queen of the sea; the fish all have human eyes because they are all the women she has turned into fish. I rewrote Jorinda and Joringel by the brothers Grimm in Greenlandic Inuit culture; don't expect complete cultural accuracy!!

Anyway - sorry about the long delay! I had a massive assignment due, and loaaaads of homework - it will not happen again, I promise!
The Winds of Rebirth by Dogviolet
The Winds of Rebirth
This is a composition sketch for one of the final illustrations I have to do for an assignment. Basically, we had to take the Grimm story of Jorinda and Joringel and transpose it into another time and place. I chose Inuit (Greenland) myths and legends.

This is basically an illustration of a key scene from my, rewritten version of that narrative - the guy on the bottom right is an ice demon, Mahaha, the girl in the middle is my 'Jorinda' (Asuilaak is her name here) and the woman on the top right is the sun goddess, Seqinek.

Basically, Asuilaak has been carrying the remnants of the wind god's (Sila's) winds in her stomach, ready for the day when she will say a magic chant to release them and they will sweep away the ice demon and the venegeful queen of the sea, Sedna, and return the colour those two stole to the land. What he conveniently forgot to tell her was that the winds would tear through her belly, killing her. Kind of big detail, you'd think. Some people...*shakes head.*

This story has been cobbled together from elements of Inuit mythology, but it is my own creation - as such, I can promise neither narrative nor mythological accuracy. Despite all the research I have done, I still only have an outsider's understanding of that culture.

Originally sketched on paper, but shaded with my tablet - I must say, it is nice to be able to really take your time over details - in terms of blending, both acrylic and ink dry really fast.

Anyways...enjoy! :D
Wide Spreading Pohutukawa, Antipodean Holly... by Dogviolet
Wide Spreading Pohutukawa, Antipodean Holly...
This is a triptych acrylic commission I did a while ago for a colleague of my father's. It is done off a photo she gave me, of a New Zealand Beach that she loves."Wide-spreading Pohutukawa" is a quote from the Missonary Henry Williams who, in 1833, described holding service under the same. 'Antipodean Holly' is another 19th C reference. Just 'cos I couldn't resist! 


Sorry for the intermittent posts - I've had internet and Assignment issues. :)
The posting rate will improve shortly, hopefully, with the advent of Mid-semester Break! 


New Zealand
My name is Roisin, and I’m currently doing a full time Bachelor of Digital Design (Animation, film…) and loving every second!
I’m also Dragon, Drow, Elf and general fantasy-obsessed, and am of the very strong opinion that there is not enough time in all the world to do everything I want to do…
Oh well, there’s always parallel dimensions and my epic timetravelling skills….. :D

Current Residence: Ankh-Morpork
Favourite genre of music: Music with rocks in
Favourite photographer: Too many to list.
Favourite style of art: classical/ traditional
MP3 player of choice: Philips
Wallpaper of choice: Raphael/Michelangelo
Skin of choice: human. ;)
Personal Quote: I am not, as a rule, quotable. :)
Hey guys!!

Just letting you know that I still have severe internet if I don't reply for a while it's because I literally can't.......
Just letting you know I will be posting stuff every third day now because Uni started again.......:)

 Thank you all for all your faves and comments! Especially the comments!!! It's lovely, thank you!

I have very nearly finished the preplanning for my comic Invicta, I just need to get my hands on a tablet and you guys will be seeing it soon, hopefully......I've based the village, Dowde, off a real village in Kent (Dode now) that was wiped out during the black plague. The Church is still standing, and there are ghost stories around I thought it would be perfect!

Llamas....faves..... I realise that there is a custom on DA to give a llama for a llama and a watch for a watch....I don't personally subscribe to that custom, as I think that it makes llamas and watches less special when you do actually give them.....

However, if you fave or watch or anything, especially if you comment, I will fave item /s from your gallery and definitely give you lots of comments!

The more comments/feedback I get, the more comments/feedback you get......because in my opinion, that is the beauty  of DA, the ability to give and receive feedback. Faving and running is probably best saved for Facebook :D (Big Grin)

Thank you all for your support though! You guys make my day every day.
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